Landscape and Environment

Below is a map of our Parish, on it we can see the woodlands and orchards  and important meadow habitats that are scattered all over it.


 … is between 75 % and 80% Agricultural

 … contains ‘traditional orchards, meadows and woodland- all of which are important for biodiversity and the character of Aston Ingham. They are great for birds and insects and are increasingly rare’ Natural England , courtesy of Clare Minett , resident.

…is privileged to see positive development of Reslaw Wood, owned since 2014 by four local residents. Charlie and Clare Slatter & Ann and Ken Allen.

‘Our aims are to enhance and maintain the ancient woodland, whilst supporting a flourishing wildlife habitat, and to nurture a peaceful, yet stimulating environment for human enjoyment and creativity, and is to enhance the quality of the wood within the local landscape.’ courtesy of Ann Allen

…is enjoying the impact of this work to date : ‘Already, we have seen enormous gain from our work. The indigenous wild flowers – daffodils, bluebells, violets (host plants to the silver washed fritillary), wood anemones, butterfly orchids are thriving, and there are increasing numbers and species of birds seen and heard in the coppiced areas. We have 4 tawny owl boxes which are monitored each year by the Gloucestershire Raptor Monitoring Group. These have regularly housed new fledglings. This winter, we put up 20 new small bird nest boxes. Goshawks are regularly seen flying overhead. Frequent annual moth counts have yielded some rare species, as well as numerous more common moths.’

…is cris-crossed by numerous footpaths and bridlepaths: see the page on Leisure and Tourism for more details.

Our Parish also has a significant water course
: The Ell Brook The map below shows Ell brook and the many drainage channels which help to drain local fields taking water away towards Upleadon. Some of these drainage channels are quite significant in their own right. The brook flows through private land but needs some overall consideration due to maintenance and longstanding concerns about flooding.



So how can we ensure that we;

      • Increase tree and flower planting
      • Take care of Ell Brook and its associated drainage routes
      • Maintain natural habitats
      • Preserve endangered species

And finally, what sort of things do you want to see preserved or enhanced in our environment?

Have your say using the comments button on the Front Page of the Open Day.

Also take a look at some of the lovely views in the Parish.

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