REVEALED: No more betting firms to sponsor front of football shirts

Managing director Lee Charnley and his commercial team were dispatched to the Far East at the end of last season and returned with a new sponsor in the shape of Chinese firm Fun88, sparking suggestions of further investment from that region. Any voluntary ban on gambling sponsorship would only apply to front-of-shirt deals, so sleeve and training kit sponsorship from the betting industry would continue to be permitted. EFL clubs would be exempt altogether on the grounds that the estimated £40m loss of annual income would be catastrophic for lower league clubs.

The ban was lifted two months later, but the league said such will be subject to scrutiny from an independent panel to ensure they reflect a “fair market value” and are not a means of distorting revenue to allow for greater spending under Financial Fair Play rules. PSG are now one of the biggest and most consistently successful clubs in the world, with three of the most famous players, having previously won two domestic titles in 42 years. Paris Saint-Germain’s £85million deal with the Qatar Tourism Authority is one deal cited, but who is to say what that should be worth?

The watchdog said the changes would make it quicker and easier to take action over breaches such as misleading promotions and bonus offers, as well as unreasonable restrictions on withdrawals of winnings. NHS is hiding the true scale of deaths caused by… Approaching menopause and depressed? ‘I can’t have cancer, I’m a nurse’: Single mother, 32, goes… The lazy map of the world: Laziest 20 nations are named and… City finished 10th in the Premier League in the first season of Mansour’s ownership, then fifth and third, before famously winning the competition in 2012 with a memorable 3-2 win over QPR, including two stoppage time goals, edging out rivals Manchester United.

Now that smartphones are so omnipresent as to be extra limbs on our bodies, the siren call of the slot machine is always there. The difference these days is that online gambling gives the addict an opportunity to bet 24/7. Moura wasn’t even playing that well against United. The noise of an angry large capacity ground can send any team into a tailspin. And no doubt Levy, from his perch, could see this scenario unfolding game after game, building intolerable pressure if the team tanked.

It’s the unexplored, unanticipated downside of the big stadium move. Should you have any queries relating to in which in addition to the best way to make use of fun88 ทางเข้า, you possibly can contact us with our webpage. He just looked busier than most. Bergwijn, his replacement, didn’t stand a chance once booed on to the field and was anonymous. The 21-year-old midfielder arrived at St James’ Park on loan in July with the possibility of a full transfer included in the deal, and has done so well on Tyneside that the club has handed him a five-year contract. The study by Glasgow University warns that such adverts are luring vulnerable children and adults into gambling.

But since Labour relaxed betting legislation there have been 75 deals in which gambling firms have plastered their logos on the chests of football stars. We understand a lot of work still needs to be done.

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