Newcastle ‘agree £25m-a-year sponsorship deal with Middle East firm’

The 21-year-old midfielder arrived at St James’ Park on loan in July with the possibility of a full transfer included in the deal, and has done so well on Tyneside that the club has handed him a five-year contract. Repucom’s European Football Jersey Report looks at shirt deals across Europe’s major leagues and shows that the La Liga clubs in Spain collectively have deals worth £82m, with more than half that sum at Barca and Real Madrid alone, and the equivalent sums elsewhere are £70m in France’s Ligue 1, £60m in Italy’s Serie A and £31m in the top flight in the Netherlands.

Reports state that Newcastle will receive £34.3m this season as opposed to £19m last season owing to having been on television 30 times over the campaign. They will receive £17m more this season in merit payments should they remain in third position than the 2021-22 term. Here’s more info regarding สล็อต fun88 have a look at our own web page. The founder of bet365 was the UK’s highest paid boss last year, pocketing more than £200 million. Now that children are being primed to start betting hard as soon as they come of age (or earlier, if they can use their parents’ details), we are looking at a ticking time-bomb of addiction, all to fill the coffers of Britain’s grasping betting companies.

There are regular stories of young men in particular who are so ashamed of the debts they have run up that they see no other way out. Gambling addiction eats through the financial security of families like a cancer. It wrecks lives, drives people to suicide. Fees have amounted to £250m so far, with the club expected to continue revamping their squad this summer. Newcastle have spent extensively, if not lavishly, in the three transfer windows since the takeover. Of course, capitalism has always included selling people a dream to encourage the parting of cash.

But what is happening in modern Britain when the carrot of easy money is being dangled so aggressively in front of children? Fears grew that Newcastle would unduly benefit from agreements with Saudi entities following the takeover, sparking the agreement by all clubs, other than Newcastle and Manchester City, to introduce the regulations. Newcastle currently sit third in the Premier League, eight points clear of Tottenham in fifth having played one game fewer and holding a superior goal difference following a number of convincing wins, including a 6-1 hammering of the north London club last weekend.

The bleak truth is that Britain’s hugely successful gambling industry, which sits like a parasite leeching money and hope out of the country’s poorest communities, is ensnaring more and more youngsters in its net. Gambling is becoming more and more normalised for our children — that first bet as much a rite of passage as the first kiss or first driving lesson — because of the relentless advertising, promotions and cunning marketing tools used by the industry to hook people — of any age.

That trio have current agreements respectively with Emirates, Qatar Airways and Deutsche Telekom each worth around €30 million per year, or about £25m a year at the exchange rates in place at the time. Chelsea’s deal with Yokohama is even more massive than the deals currently in place at Europe’s biggest, richest and most financially savvy clubs – Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich.

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