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Update on the work of the NDP Steering Committee –  June 2021 –  
Our consultant has started work on his Housing Assessment Report for all of the sites submitted to the Call for Site. He has already visited the village for a good look around at the sites and their surroundings. We are expecting the report in July. Once the sites have been assessed, a draft settlement boundary will also be drawn taking into account any suitable sites identified in the Housing Site Assessment Report.
We are hoping to have a draft NDP plan that can be reviewed by the public by late summer which will be a big achievement and hopefully we will be able to launch the plan using a public event in the Village hall.
The Steering Group are going to hold the July 13th Meeting in the Aston Ingham Village Hall at 7pm.  Members of the public are invited, but if you wish to attend please send your request via email  to so that you can receive further details and we make sure we do not exceed the numbers allowed.

Julia Askew (Chair, Aston Ingham NDP Steering Committee)


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General Information 

We are in the process of producing a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) for our parish. Please click here for our Terms of Reference

The Herefordshire Council core planning strategy (2011 – 2031) sets out that in rural areas such as Aston Ingham, there will be a growth of around 14% of housing.  This equates to around 21 new houses between now and 2031.

The NDP will help guide development and land-use within our parish over the next 12 years (2031) and must reflect the interest and opinions of the community.

What is a Neighbourhood Development Plan?

The NDP is a locally-prepared planning document to guide decisions on land use and development within our parish.

The NDP will consider key land use planning topics, such as:

  • housing
  • landscape, environment and heritage
  • local economy
  • community facilities
  • roads and infrastructure

It is important to note that an NDP cannot be used to prevent development, but it adds more detail such as where and what sort of developments are permitted and what they should look like – based on what the community decides it wants.

The approved NDP will be an official planning document that has to be taken into account by Local Authority Planners and Planning Inspectors when they are making decisions on planning applications and appeals in our parish.

Who is involved in its preparation?

The production of our NDP is being managed by a Steering Group made up of Parish Councillors and local residents, with representation from across the parishes, under the guidance of the Parish Council.  However, the NDP will only be accepted if it can demonstrate the involvement of the local community throughout the preparation and decision making process.

The Group meets monthly – location and method to be provide each month in advance


The meetings are open to the public and are publicised locally and on the website, so do come along.

You can email the Steering Group at

What is the process for developing the plan?

NDP: Overview of process

The process is likely to take between 18 – 36 months.  For more details please refer to the Project Plan section