Consultation Record

Record of formal consultations

– meetings with Consultants, County Council, interested groups, other documents etc

The results of the Parish consultation exercise carried out in 2015 were used as important information to help us to kick off our NDP in May 2019.

Parish Consultation Exercise 2015

May 2019 –    Parish Council support and Designation

June 2019 –  Adoption of Terms of Reference and formation of Steering Group

March 2020 – Open Day  (cancelled due to Covid 19)  

September 2020 –  Consultation and Communication  Strategy Document 

October 2020  –  Advertised Herefordshire Councils Call for Sites in the Chimes. 

November 2020 –  On-line Open Day

We were unable to hold the planned Open Day event in the village hall in due to Covid 19 and so as an alternative method to get general information about the NDP out to Residents we  held an Open Day event online in November 2020.  All of the pages are on this website are still available for viewing. This was advertised in the Chimes magazine in October and November.

December 2020 –  Advertise Survey in Chimes 

Entry into the Chimes about our up coming Residents Survey, telling people about it and how to respond to it. 

January 2021 –  Residents Survey delivered by hand to every household. –   (link here)