Minutes 13th October 2008

Minutes of Aston Ingham Parish Council meeting held on Monday 13th October 2008 at 7.30 p.m. in the Village Hall

Mr J. Harding (chairman), Mr E. Green, Mr S. Burns, Mr C. Tormey, Mrs R. Tree, (councillors), Alison Fletcher, Jane Macdonald,(Age Concern), Mr P. Leighton (CSO).

No apologies were received. (Mr Harding to check recording regarding apologies)

Mr Harding proposed, Mr Tormey seconded, that the meeting be opened for the representatives of Age Concern to address the Council. All in favour.
Road shows had been held on various locations, including Aston Ingham, during the previous summer, which had highlighted the problem that many people were not aware of their entitlements. This included carers over the age of 50, as well as people of pensionable age. A scheme had been set up called R.E.A.P. – Rural Enabling Accessing Programme to help address this problem, and Age Concern were approaching village organizations in the hope of finding the best ways to circulate information, e.g. leaflets, posters, word of mouth. It was hoped that someone in the village could be a ‘link person’ and would hold and distribute the appropriate information. It was also hoped to establish small groups to pursue activities that are not currently available in the area.
Mr Harding explained that generally activities in the village catered for a variety of ages, and were very positive towards older or disadvantaged people. Also the Church was very supportive to older residents. Ways of promoting this scheme and contacts suggested were : –
Ø Stall at Christmas Fair
Ø Women’s Institute
Ø Chimes
Ø Rector
Jane and Alison gave their contact details and thanked the Parish Council.

1) Lots of thefts had been reported from garages and outbuildings, and parishioners were advised to secure these. (Also instances of ram-raiding).
2) Residents were encouraged to report any suspicious vehicles, especially as there were now several automatic number plate recognition vehicles in the area.
3) There were still reported thefts of heating fuel, especially on farms, and it was advisable to check tanks on a regular basis.
4) A bogus telephone call had been received at Gorsley, asking for money towards Crime Prevention, supposedly from Herefordshire Police. The recipient asked for the caller’s ‘collar number’, and the caller hung up.
Other matters discussed were :-
Ø speed problems, and the cameras used by the Parish Council at Gorsley
Ø the lorry travelling through Aston Ingham which brought down the telephone cables, leaving many households without phones for a week.
Ø international signs (weight restriction) being used, as the present ones were not always noted by foreign drivers.
Ø safety outside Gorsley School.
The meeting was closed to the public.

MINUTES OF SEPTEMBER MEETING were read, approved and signed, with one amendment.

1) Letter from Gloucestershire Constabulary regarding emergency vehicles.
2) Flooding – Mrs Tree emailed Mr Bramer regarding grass verge and drains. Clerk to write and email Ray Wallace asking him about data collection and inviting him to November/December meeting so that we can discuss data. Clerk to contact Mrs Tree when response is received.
3) No response regarding street cleansing(verge).
4) Letter from Mike Edwards(Aston Bank) regarding lorry bringing down telephone lines(18th September). Some confusion over weight limit discussions with Ray Wallace.
5) Sandbags 40+ in storage at rear of hall.
6) Recycling. New scheme will replace ReBox (blue box) system. Those involved in present system will hopefully be transferred to industrial recycling work.
7) Smartwater Signage. Letter from Dave Tristram advising us to contact Andy Middlecote in the first instance regarding permission and funding.

1) Bella Lea DSCE 2008/1844/F Permission. Accompanying letter explaining reasons for decision. H.A.L.C. would not give an opinion on Section 106. Mr Harding to follow up with Mr Whatley.

1) Code of Conduct – copies requested of details held.
2) Draft Archaeology and Strategic Plan
3) Draft shop front design guide
4) Affordable Housing
5) Parish freighter booking – clerk to query.
6) Marches Housing
7) Town and Parish Standard
8) Communities – Byelaws Consultation
9) Police – Combined Equality Scheme
10) Questionnaire – drugs/crime etc.
11) Letter received from Mr Bailey of Rose Cottage regarding fly-tipping in ‘lay-by’ opposite The Larches. Photograph included. Three people had rung the Herefordshire Council regarding this. Clerk to request that to avoid this abuse the farm gate area be reinstated. (Mrs Tree to contact CPRE)

FINANCE C.A. £2374.70 A.I.P.C.V.H.I.F. £7.63 P.C. £6.28
1. Precept received £875.00
2) Form requesting precept required for next year (2nd Jan.)
3) Letter from Mr Bach (P.C.C.) requesting donation towards mowing of churchyard – next meeting.
4) Mr Harding proposed, Mrs Tree seconded, that Mr Bach be paid £25.00 for work as Internal Auditor and thanks given. All in favour.
5) Clerk had established signatories on accounts. Form passed to those not
included to give details.
6) A.I.P.C.C. Village Hall Improvement Fund – name changed to A.I.P.C. Holding Fund, and books received.

1) Mr Burns’ land (adjacent Lanx Cottage) has been sold to Mr Danter.
2) November PACT meeting 19th November
DATE OF MEXT MEETING –Monday 10th November