Minutes 14th February 2011


ATTENDED BY Mr J.Harding, (chairman), Mr J. Whatley, Mr E. Green, Mrs R. Tree, Mr C. Tormey, Mr S. Burns (councillors), Mr H. Bramer (District Councillor)

MINUTES OF JANUARY MEETING were read, approved and signed.


1. Amey Walk. Mr Whatley had spoken to landowners regarding highway problems.

2. Letter read from Mr Cracknell.

3. Other areas in need of attention – potholes at bottom of Withymoor Pitch, road breaking up at Knightshill and Crews Hill. Also edge of road between Lanx Cottage and the Woodground. Clerk to write to Amey.

4. Ambleside – flooding. Ditch to be dug out to divert surface water to drain.

5. Acacia Lane – some remedial action.

6. Water on road (B4222) at Majaro Barn. Mr Whatley has checked this and has hopefully solved the problem.

7. Letter read from Richard Gray ( Gloucestershire Highways).

8. Brockington Hall meeting. (clerks and Councillors) Mr Whatley and Mr Tormey attended meeting, which outlined budgetary changes and commitments and priorities.

9. Lengthsman Scheme was discussed.

10.Data protection – Mr Whatley to check information received from
Mr Bramer arrived at the meeting and spoke regarding the budget setting for Herefordshire Council for 2010/2011.

· 3o% of government grants would be reduced over the next four years.

· 2011/2012 local government finance settlement means Hereford must make £10.3 million savings on a budget of around £150 million, and £5.8 million in 2012/13

· 13% on current year, 25% over four years.

· More flexibility on how government funding is spent.

· Many ring fences have been removed.

· Council Tax has been frozen for 2011/2012 as Herefordshire Council have taken advantage of a Government scheme.

· The object is to try to reduce costs rather than services.

· Reductions in the Pay bill will mean that 250 posts will go from the authority, including 25% of all managers.

· Shared services agenda will also make considerable savings.

· Libraries in market towns will not be closed, but the mobile library service will be stopped.

· Concessionary fares will be reduced.

· 15% cut over 2 years to HALO and The Courtyard, redesign of the Youth Services and re-examining packages of support in Children’s and adult social care.

i. Barrel Farm, Barrel Lane DMS/103197/F. Planning permission for proposed steel framed agricultural barn. Conditions read and noted.

ii. Access to Lanks Meadow, Aston Ingham. DMS/102995/F. Proposed resiting of gateway for the purpose of improving road safety. Planning permission. Conditions read and noted.

iii. Fourwinds, Shotts Lane DMS/110440/FH. Single storey rear extension. Demolish existing garage and replace with new garage with hobby area in roof space. No objections, but recommendations regarding use of garage and height.

§ Broadband

§ Electoral register and changes

§ Countryside Art

FINANCE C.A £1565.33 A.I.P.C.H.F. £7.63 P.C. £6.08
i. Precept acknowledgement.

ii. CAB letter of thanks for donation.

iii. Parish Map – Lea Residents Association have kindly agreed to donate £450.00 towards refurbishment of Parish Map. Clerk to respond.

iv. Mr Harding proposed £15.00 be awarded to Mr Whatley as part payment of H.A.L.C. course. Mrs Tree seconded. All in favour.
DATE OF NEXT MEETING – Monday 14th March

MEETING CLOSED at 9.55 p.m.