Minutes 14th July 2008

Minutes of Aston Ingham Parish Council meeting held on Monday 14th July 2008 at 7.30p.m. in the Village Hall.

ATTENDED BY : – Mr J. Harding (chairman), Mr E. Green. Mrs R.Tree,
Mr S. Burns, Mr J. Whatley, (councillors), Mr H. Bramer (District Councillor), Mr A.Missenden, Mr C. Jenkins, Mr CTree, Mr C.Tormey,
Dr J. Clarke, Mrs Tormey, Ms Rackley, Mr C. Jenkins and (parishioners)

MINUTES OF JUNE MEETING were read, approved and signed, with one amendment.

Letters of application and CVs from two candidates, Dr. Jace Clarke and Mr Christopher Tormey were circulated amongst councillors and considered. The chairman called for a paper vote, and the result was
Dr. J. Clarke – 2 votes
Mr C. Tormey – 3 votes
Mr Christopher Tormey was therefore elected.
Clerk to sort out necessary forms and advise Electoral Office.

Meeting opened for Councillor Bramer to speak. (Mr Harding proposed, Mr Green seconded).

Mrs Tree suggested that response from Mr Ray Wallace regarding speed management measures be read first, as comments may be pertinent to Mr Bramer’s contribution. (Response not considered to be very specific, so Clerk to write and ask when data collection was likely to take place, and what format the investigation would take.)
Mr Bramer felt that even if results showed there was a problem, the outcome was not always satisfactory, as Police need to be able to enforce a speed limit. The criteria for installing speed limits was quite precise, and roads do not always match this, even if there is an obvious need. Mr Bramer, however, promised to ensure that Mr Wallace does what has been promised, and will press for this to be done in 2008.
He felt that there was no point in requesting Mr Wallace to attend a meeting until statistics are obtained. Surveys need to be done at times when there is ‘normal’ traffic i.e. not during school holidays, which has happened in the past.

Problems with lack of information (Crofton) – appeal for non-determination because of problem with fees. Application therefore not registered. Permission granted as a result of appeal.
Majaro Barn All decisions go against what is laid down in planning guidelines. Other comparable applications are not being permitted. The same architect and planning officer, who is using delegated powers is involved in each application, and the buildings often fail to match approved plans. Mr Bramer would try to look into these problems.
This was still under consultation – figure cannot be agreed on to bring up to specification.
Meeting closed to public.

a) Joint Parish Meeting traffic concerns (Gorsley & Kilcot/Linton/Aston Ingham)
Meetings were scheduled to take place every 6 months, to be hosted by a different Parish Council each time. Minutes of last meeting read, and Terms of Reference. Next meeting at Linton on 3rd December Aston Ingham will host in June 2009. Mr Tormey mentioned NW exercise, using speed guns.
b) Flooding
To be discussed at next meeting.
c) Chimes Report
Minutes are sent by email when approved for report in Chimes. Notes to be agreed at meeting to be emailed to Chimes (proforma to be set up).
Letter of thanks to be sent to Mr Byers for his contribution as Chimes Reporter.
d) Supplementary Planning Guidance
Mr Whatley had been given contact name and number so that he could specify exactly what was needed.
e) Letter from Mr Porteous regarding follow-up to highway work following floods.
This was passed to Mr Bramer to deal with, as he was aware of problem, and would be meeting relevant parties. Clerk to acknowledge letter.
f) Letter from Scouts regarding trespassers and dog fouling Clerk to acknowledge, backing up advice already given by Mr Harding.
g) Brook clearance/flood prevention measures
Mr Whatley, as landowner of part of brook area, had been in contact with Environment agency and Smith Gore, Glebe land agents. Part from bridge to Scout Hut well cleared at present. Quotes are being obtained for Cowley Lane bank.
Environment Agency – bank collapse – no consent, but concrete blocks unacceptable – may have to apply if flow is impeded. Where stream turns corner, removal of ‘island’ may require consent. Mr Whatley to take photographs and drawings & Environment Agency will decide.

1) The Countryman DCSE2008/1062F Construction of a block of three single garages. Permission.
2) Little Giles Farm, Mill Lane, Kilcot DCSE2008/1170F Refusal
3) Crofton Appeal no : – T/2007/1046
Proposed single storey extension to garage to provide a granny annexe and gym. Upheld
4) Majaro Barn DCSE2008/1447/F
New front fence above existing stone wall, and new vehicular and pedestrian gates. No objections.

1) Liaison – buses/Herefordshire Handypersons scheme/affordable warming/Chairman of Standards Committee -letter/Funding Directory/Voluntary Action-flooding/Rough Sleepers
2) Core Strategy
3) Clerk/Council Direct
4) Flooding & Water Course Maintenance
5) Draft Archaeology
6) Pact Meeting
7) Vehicle Activated Signs
8) Telephone boxes

C.A. £1499.70 AI.P.C.V.H.I.F. £7.63 P.C. £17.34
1) Donation to Scouts.
Clerk to write stating that we would look favourably on making a donation towards bank repairs When quotes have been obtained could we be advised?
2) Clerk’s Salary review
Mr Tormey proposed annual salary be increased to £770.00. Mr Burns seconded. All in favour.

1) Other Councils have been required to present an Emergency Plan. Aston Ingham have had no information regarding this. Clerk to contact Annette Steele to obtain contact name and number.
2) Mr Smith has not yet been contacted to see if he can obtain any information about dogs suspected of sheep worrying.
3) Mrs Tree requested a copy of the Electoral Register. Clerk was doubtful about whether conditions allowed this, but would check.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING Monday 8th September 2008