Minutes 8th September 2008

Minutes of Aston Ingham Parish Council meeting held on Monday 8th September 2008 at 7.30p.m in the Village Hall

ATTENDED BY : – Mr J. Harding(Chairman), Mr E. Green, Mr C. Tormey, Mrs R. Tree
APOLOGIES – none received

MINUTES OF JULY MEETING were read, approved and signed, with one amendment.

1) Flooding. No response from Harry Bramer. Clerk’s computer not receiving emails. Mrs Tree to request update on progress.
2) Verges silted up so road sweeper had no effect. Clerk to write to Highways and approach local parishioners to send letters of complaint regarding lack of clearing of verges and drains.
3) Sandbags – Mr Harding to check how many are remaining at Village Hall.
4) Speed limit – criteria for enforcement seems to be less strict than we were led to believe, according to research carried out.
5) Map received for notifying Highway Authority about potholes, etc.
6) Noticeable increase in emergency service vehicles (blue lights) over last month. Clerk to write to Gloucestershire Police and ask if there is a particular reason for this –possibly the roadworks at Highnam.

Articles in ‘The Chimes’ and Ross Gazette regarding reporting of Council Meetings perused. It was decided that there was no need for a response.

H.A.L.C. website – http://www.halchereford.gov.uk/ User Name and password given to Parish Council members. Clerk to advise Mr Whatley and Mr Burns.

1) DCSE2008/1844/F Bella Lea – construction of a single storey extension to existing garage block. There were objections to this proposed application. Section 106 to be looked at by councillors before next meeting.

1) Newsline
2) Clerk/Council Direct
3) Liaison – Post Offices/Affordable Housing/Training Courses/National Archives/Herefordshire Partnership Newsletter.
4) Recycling. Clerk to ring Environment Agency and ask about blue boxes in light of recent information.
5) H.A.L.C.
6) Libraries
7) Buses

C.A. £1499.70 A.I.P.C.V.H.I.F. £7.63 P.C. £15.60
1) Audit. Letter read from Mr Bach (Internal Auditor)
Points to note regarding Audit: –
a) Status of Village Hall – as the Parish Council is a ‘custodian trustee’ it is not the owner, and therefore it is not a Parish Council asset. (Copy to be sent to Village Hall Committee)
b) Postage agreed to be refunded to Mr Whatley had not been passed on. This was to be given to Mr Whatley at next meeting. (£1.04)
c) Mr Harding to provide receipt for plaque for churchyard gates(£42.00)
d) Although it has been the practice for the adoption of the Parish Council accounts to cover the Annual Governance Statement on the Annual Return, it would be preferable if the Parish Council had a specific minute for this.
2) Clerk to request list of signatories from bank, and add names of Parish Councillors who are not presently included.
3) Following a letter from the bank, it was decided to keep the Holding Account, with a view to changing the name at a future date.

1) Smartwater – possibility of funding for signage. Clerk to check organizations listed in ‘Chimes’.
2) Lorrywatch – information to be circulated regarding signage and ways of identification.
3) Standing Orders. Disk passed to Mr Tormey.
4) Emergency Plan. Clerk had spoken to Annette Steele, and would download from website. (Possibility of Parish Council purchasing laptop if computer problems persist.)
5) List of contact details for Parish COUNCILLORS REQUESTED. Clerk to update.