Minutes 9th June 2008

Minutes of Aston Ingham Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 9th June 2008 at 7.30p.m. in the Village Hall

ATTENDED BY: Mr J. Harding (chairman), Mr J. Whatley, Mr E. Green, Mrs R. Tree, (councillors), Mr C. Tormey, (Chimes/S.O.S.), Mr C. Tree (parishioner)

APOLOGIES were received from Mr S. Burns

MINUTES OF MAY MEETING were read, approved and signed, with two amendments.
a) Vacancy for councillor not to be advertised until specified period expired when election can be requested.
b) Smartwater/Blogsite omitted from agenda.

1) Clerk contacted Electoral Office. If 10 electors do not request election before 14th June parish council may co-opt. Notice to be put in Chimes if this does not happen. Applications to be submitted by Friday 11th July – co-option at 14th July council meeting.
a) Chris Bull to be contacted, and check co-option can proceed.
b) E-mail Chimes with correct wording.
2) No response from Ray Wallace, but letter from Harry Bramer asking to be kept informed. He will be attending meeting of 14th July. Clerk to e-mail Ray Wallace if no response about a week before next meeting.
3) Jesse Norman – Post Offices Campaign. Bus booked to take petition to Downing Street on Thursday July 17th 5000 signatures at present.
4) Joint meeting Gorsley/Kilcot postponed – no specific date yet – progress report circulated.
5) Blogsite – Meeting opened. No action taken pending decision regarding reporting of official approved minutes. Clerk to type up and stick in Minute Book (loose – leaf folder when Minute Book completed). E- mail to Chimes when approved
6) Smartwater – 16 people registered interest. Signage is available from Nuneaton Signs (£25.48 each, including V.A.T. and fixings. Only available in packs of 10.) Permission needed from B.T. and Herefordshire Council when siting. People to be encouraged to subscribe, and then signage can be organized.
7) Letter received from Rose Savidge (Scouts) regarding Scout Hut and update on situation. Mr Harding suggested money put into Holding Account in readiness for donation. This was not pursued.
8) Flooding
Jobs not done include : –
a) dredging under bridge(JCB) Difficulties because of access on Rectory side
b) drains
c) moving of rubbish in gateway
9) Sheep worrying – collie and Jack Russell seen in Barrel Lane. To be monitored.
10) Detrunking – Letter read from Clive Hall regarding detrunking of A40
11) Parish Initiative – Highway Defects. Problems to be notified one month before -team due to in area. /Map to be obtained from Streetscene. Councillors to identify defects.

1) Little Giles DCSE2008/1170/F
Queries received, so site visit made and comments adjusted.
2) Majaro Barn
Revised drawing July 2007 not forwarded to Parish Council. Problems with amendments and Parish Council comments being ignored. Mr Whatley to draft letter. Clerk to request plans of Crocketts Barn. Also request a list of supplementary Planning Guidance that has been issued.

1. Glasdon catalogue
2. Policing matters
3. Core strategy
4. Newsline
5. Community First
6. Primary strategy
7. Mencap – Herefordshire
8. H.A.LC.

C.A. £1869.70 A.I.P.C.V.H.I.F. €7.63 P.C. -€1.50
1) Mr Harding proposed €20.00 be transferred to Petty Cash. Mr Whatley seconded. All in favour.
2) Mr Harding proposed clerk be paid £350.00 (6 months salary). Mr Green seconded. All in favour. Review of Clerk’s salary to be put on July agenda.
3) Donation to Scouts to wait until we receive information on ownership, etc.

1. Sandbags. Notice to be put up giving location
2. P.A.C.T. meeting. Mrs Tree reported on meeting which Mr Whatley attended. Heavy lorries are apparently being stopped by police.
3. Letter from petroleum consortium outlining security measures police have issued and guidelines regarding suspicious vehicles, etc.
Meeting closed at 9.47 p.m.

Date of next meeting Monday 14th July