Minutes of 10th November 2008

Minutes of Aston Ingham Parish Council meeting held on Monday 10th November 2008 at 7.30 p.m. in the Village Hall

ATTENDED BY Mr J. Harding (Chairman), Mr C. Tormey, Mr J. Whatley, Mrs R. Tree and Mr E. Green. (Councillors)

MINUTES OF OCTOBER MEETING were read, approved and signed.

1) No further response regarding increase in blue light activity.
2) Ray Wallace has indicated that he is attending the December meeting. A different venue was discussed, as committee room may not be large enough. Chairs to be taken out of main hall in readiness.
3) Acknowledgement of letter about width of carriageway through village.
4) Some clearance of drains, but not adequate clearance of culverts.
5) Catherine Jones (Smith Gore) telephoned Clerk to update situation at Ell Brook by Scout Hut. It was suggested that brook be checked as far as Stockings Field, as there are further blockages.
6) PACT meeting – 7.00 p.m. on Wednesday 19th November.
7) Smartwater. Awaiting response from Andy Middlecote.
8) Joint meeting of 3rd December postponed. Clerk to contact Annette Steele to confirm that there is no problem about Gloucestershire CSO attending.
9) Parish Freighter Scheme explained to Council after contact with Paul West.
10) Clerk to download information on Emergency Plan.

1) Mr Whatley to apply to Herefordshire Council for Supplementary Guidance document

1) Communities and local government consultation paper – responses by 24th December.
2) Village Hall A.G.M. –representatives for Parish Council to be Mr Harding and Mr Whatley.
3) Signs – leaflet.
4) Age Concern information.
5) Registration of Common Land.
6) Rural Policing Team – poster.
7) Drafts for consultation – guidance notes on placing of signs and advertisements.
8) Your Community Website – leaflet.
9) H.A.L.C. – information and courses.

C.A. £2374.70 H.A. £7.63 P.C. £5.20
1) Receipt for plaque for churchyard gates received from Mr Harding. (Requested for audit).
2) Request for donation towards mowing costs of churchyard. Mr Harding declared an interest. Mr Whatley proposed the sum of £275. Mr Green seconded. All in favour.
3) Precept. This was discussed, and it was agreed to keep the Annual Precept at £1750. Mrs Tree proposed, Mr Tormey seconded, all in favour.

v Potholes on unclassified roads identified. Clerk to contact Highways Department.
v Contact list of Parish Councillors to be updated by Clerk.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING – Monday 8th December

MEETING CLOSED at 9.20p.m.