Minutes of 8th December 2008


Mr J. Harding (chairman), Mr E. Green, Mrs R. Tree, Mr C. Tormey, Mr J. Whatley, Mr. S. Burns (councillors)
Mr R. Wallace (Herefordshire Council)
Mr C. Tree, Mr C. Jenkins, Mrs O. Walden, Mr M. Edwards, Mr D .Searle,
Mrs M. Searle, Mrs M. Macarthur, Mr B. Davies (parishioners)

Mr Harding proposed that the meeting be opened for Mr Wallace to speak. Mrs Tree seconded. All in favour.

Mr Wallace spoke about the results of the recent speed count done within the village. The full results will be forwarded to the Parish Council, but the average speeds were: –
a) Through village – 37 m.p.h.
b) Aston Ingham to Kilcot – 42/43 m.p.h.
c) Aston Ingham to Lea Line – 42 m.p.h.
Mr Wallace had arranged a meeting with the Gloucestershire Highway Authority for the following day, and it was hoped that the 40 m.p.h. limit would be extended from Kilcot to the village. The Police had no problems regarding this change.
Mrs Tree asked about the road to Lea Line, where there had been 6 notifiable accidents in the last five years and there were problems with blind bends and hills, reducing visibility. There were few refuges for pedestrians. It was thought that the siting of the traffic counter had not been ideal, and Mr Wallace agreed to do this again, as soon as possible with due regard to weather, holidays, etc., and taking into account speed, volume and size of traffic.
In answer to a query, Mr Wallace said that the road from Aston Ingham to Kilcot would not meet the criteria for a 30 m.p.h. limit.
Other ways to slow traffic were discussed, including the erection of signs advising motorists of horses on the highway, and a sketch to show where these should be sited was to be sent to Mr Wallace.
Once the signage on the stretch of road to Kilcot was completed, Mr Wallace promised that the 30 m.p.h. signs in the village would be revamped, and, depending on the budget available, red sections on the road with 30 markings could be installed.

Guidelines on the use of speed indicator devices were discussed. Generally these would be in operation for a month, taken down for a few months, and then reinstalled. Speed data is taken and can be displayed, and people’s awareness is increased.

Weight limit – from the data received on this count, there was little change from previous survey. Police would not back a weight limit as it was too difficult to enforce. There was, however, the possibility of ‘Unsuitable for Heavy Goods Vehicles’ signs being erected, as this would not pose a legal problem. Mike Obst (Gloucestershire Highways) was already following this up after the last joint meeting. Mr Wallace was not aware of this and would liaise. It had been difficult to get representatives from Herefordshire to attend the joint meetings.

It was unlikely that double white lines could be used on more hazardous spots.
Mr Wallace intended that signage should be done all at same time, before the end of the financial year. Markings could not be done in cold weather.

Mr Wallace asked whether the police did anything towards speed enforcement, as radar guns could be borrowed, and those successful have been arranged through local police.

Mrs Walden mentioned the incident where the lorry brought down the telephone cables. Correspondence has been passed on to traffic inspector Darren Godsell and Mrs Walden promised to keep us informed.
Meeting was closed to the public.

MINUTES OF NOVEMBER MEETING were read, approved and signed.

1) Potholes – had been dealt with
2) Smartwater Signage – Mark Edwards to contact clerk. Mrs Tree to apply to Lea Show for funding for signs. Police attempting to get ‘2 for 1’ signs.
3) Chimes Reports – clerk to send minutes to both Vanessa Whitney-Hart for Chimes and Mr Tormey for Blog site.

1) Upper Barrel Farm DCSE2008/2838/S Steel frame barn. Permission notice. (Prior approval not required).
2) Mr Whatley has received Planning Guidance documents.
3) Mr Harding had received a telephone call from Mr Danter who wishes to place a caravan on the land adjacent to Lanx Cottage. He was invited to speak at the January meeting. Mr Whatley to apply for up-to-date Traveller legislation.

1) Electoral Register
2) D.F. Campbell – gardening services
3) Glasdon Products
4) Freedom of Information
5) Flooding data request
6) Festival Housing Group report
7) Newsline
8) Clerk/Council Direct

1) Invoice for Village Hall Hire (Aston Ingham Village Hall Committee) – £72.00. Mr Harding proposed this be paid. Mrs Tree seconded. All in favour.
2) Conclusion of Audit – notice to be displayed. Fee – £58.75. Mr Harding proposed this be paid. Mrs Tree seconded. All in favour
3) Clerk’s Salary – £385.00 (6 months). Mr Harding proposed this be paid. Mrs Tree seconded. All in favour.
4) Refund for cost of key cutting for Village Hall notice board (Mrs Tree) -to be dealt with at next meeting

1 Thieves had attempted to steal gate from field by Old Rectory. Horse had bolted and was hit by a car.
2 Ross Team Ministry has been disbanded. The group of six parishes has been renamed ‘Arconium’ group.
3 Emergency Plan to be downloaded for next meeting
Date of next meeting Monday 12th January 2009
Meeting closed at 9.30 p.m.