Minutes of 9th March 2009

Minutes of Aston Ingham Parish Council meeting held on Monday 9th March 2009 at 7.30p.m. in the Village Hall

Mr J. Harding (chairman), Mr J. Whatley, Mr C. Tormey, Mr E. Green, Mrs R.Tree (councillors)
Lisa Austin (CSO)
Mr S. Swift, Mr K.Pickett, Mr K. Jones, Mrs C. Jones,Mrs B. Owens, Mr R. Owens, Mrs H. Whiskeard, Mr J. Whiskeard, (parishioners)
Mr H. Danter, Mr C. Danter


Mr Harding proposed that the meeting be opened to the public, Mr Tormey seconded. All in favour.
Mr Harding thanked the parishioners for the copies of letters sent to Herefordshire Council regarding Mr Danter’s planning application to site a showman’s caravan on the land adjacent to Lanx Cottage.
Mr Danter wished to explain to the parishioners the reasons for and details about the application, that it would be one caravan, initially, for a family of four.

1 Electricity, water and drainage facilities would be available – an undertaking was made not to use generators.
2 Initially there would be one caravan. When the children were older a smaller caravan might be necessary – a separate application would be made for this.
3 Residents were concerned that there had been no direct consultation with them
4 Previous planning applications had been refused as the land is ‘open countryside’ and new developments have not been allowed.
5 Some provision is made by the government for housing showpeople, which may have an effect on decisions.
6 Mr Danter believed that the caravan would be well-screened by trees, but some of the neighbouring properties were higher than the proposed site.
7 There was a feeling that the caravan would be detrimental to the area, and a possibility of a fall in house values because of it.

1) The site is in or adjacent to an AGLV (Area of Great Landscape Value), and
is presently open pastureland.
2) A Change of Use would be necessary
3) Entrance would have to be upgraded, and trees and hedge may have to be removed for visibility, which would impair screening.
4) Planning permission has not yet been granted for the hardcore drive.
5) The site still has an enforcement order on it, which will make it more difficult to get planning permission.
6) It was felt that the provision for showpeople was unlikely to override all of these factors.
7) The gateway on the plan is not representative of its actual position.
8) New properties are only granted for specific needs. The issue was in the actual development, nothing more.
9) Previous applications for development had been turned down as have subsequent appeals. In planning terms, the caravan would be regarded as a bungalow.

Mr Danter thanked the Chairman and the meeting for listening and for putting their views forward.
Mr Harding was thanked for his comments and observations.
The meeting was closed to the public

Miss Lisa Austin (CSO) highlighted the problem of distraction burglaries, particularly of vulnerable and elderly people in rural areas. Some organized gangs had been reported in the area.

MINUTES OF FEBRUARY MEETING were read, approved and signed.

1) Dowler’s Lane – Mr Harding telephoned Andrew Middlecote and told him the result of the meeting. Works have been carried out except at the very bottom, as it was too wet. The intention is to carry on to the county boundary but action is first needed from the Water Board as there is a possibility of a spring or a leak, and the installation of two concrete drainage channels across the road may be a problem for vehicles. Residents were to be asked if they wanted a ‘No Through Road’ sign.
2) Traffic Calming – Mr Harding telephoned Mr Wallace. Signing should be installed towards the end of April, lines at the same time, or shortly after. 40m.p.h. speed limit to be extended to Gloucestershire (Kilcot) boundary. New speed check still to be put on Crews Hill. Clerk to contact Ray Wallace.
3) Smartwater – Mr Whatley and Mr Tormey still looking into designs for signage.
4) Richard Wood to be contacted regarding lay-by at Crews Hill.
5) Mrs Tree to advise Mrs Walden (FPO) that list of defects is still being compiled.
6) Joint meeting attended by Mr Harding and Mrs Tree. Clerk to supply agenda and circulate minutes when it is our turn to host.

1) Upper Luxtree Farm – Storage of machinery/hay/foodstuffs DCSE2009/0124/S – Permission
2) Land adjacent to Lanx Cottage DCSE2009/0238/F Proposed residential showman’s caravan. Mr Whatley declared an interest. The Parish Council voted against this application. Mr Whatley to email comments.

1) Town and Parish Standard
2) Clerk/Council Direct
3) Liaison – sustainable communities/Children and Young People’s Directorate/Funding Fair/CPRE – Fly Tipping/Litter/Waste Management/Blue badges for Disabled
5) Liaison – Herefordshire Matters/Bus Timetable/Emailing of information

C.A. £1538.95 A.I.P.C.H.F. £7.63 P.C. £14.54
· Aston Ingham Scouts – request for donation for improvements to Scout Hut. Mr Tormey proposed £200.00 Mr Whatley seconded. All in favour. Clerk to advise. Cheque to be written at April meeting.

· Request from Council regarding PACT meetings being listed on website – not done, so Mr Tormey to put on Blogsite.
· Clerk to check with Lynda Wilcox (HALC) whether typed minutes can be kept in a folder, or whether it will be necessary to purchase a new Minute Book.
· Jesse Norman – supporting local shops – information to be put in The Chimes if there is space.

DATES OF NEXT MEETINGS – Tuesday 14th April